Short Film

This was my first film. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time but all things considered, I think it turned out pretty good! It's far from a perfect film but I do believe that the heart is there and that the story gets told. I really battled with whether or not to post this up here because it just doesn't hold up quality-wise, but...I decided to do it because I'm not afraid to show my humble beginnings. 

We shot the entire restaurant scene in one day (around 12 pages) and we had no sound recordist on the day so the entire thing is ADR (dialogue replacement). Lessons learned, lol. It was really cool that everyone came out to the shoot though. I had some of my students from Ryerson as backgound (as well as close friends) and we just got through the day by the skin of our teeth! It was hectic to say the least!

I also used this film as a vehicle to learn about the film industry. We were lucky enough to get into a few film festivals (see below) as well as the Short Film Corner (short film market) in Cannes so I travelled and really learned a lot about the industry.

India International Film Festival - Tampa Bay, FL
HollyShorts - Hollywood, CA
New York City International Film Festival - New York, NY
Hamilton International Film Festival - Hamilton, NY
River to River, Florence Indian Film Festival - Florence, ITALY
Toronto Independent Film Festival - Toronto, ON
WildSound Film Festival - Toronto, ON



Albina Nahar
Khalid Klein
Jen Pogue
Ashton "Famous" Bishop

Written by: Chris Cromie

Produced by: Shaffin Haji

Director of Photography:
James Hellyer

Edited by: Reza Dahya

Original Music by:
Shaun Nilsson

RT: 14:04