Actor Close-Up (CFC Actors' Conservatory Showcase)

So at the end of each stream or program at the CFC, the residents create either a "Teaser" or a "Showcase" or in the case of the Actors' Conservatory, a "Close-up". The productions are usually a one-day shoot (with the exception of the TV Writers who get a half-day - see "The Ink") and everyone involved volunteers their time and talents.

This is my dude Andy McQueen's piece which is based on a character he created and wanted to explore. He asked me if I wanted to direct and of course I said yes right away.

A piece like this really shows Andy's versatility as an actor. I worked with him 3 times in a span of about 5 months and was blown away each time at his ability to just dive in to a character and truly embody and bring to life what was on the page. He cast Hannah Cheesman in the piece and it was a pleasure to meet her and work with her (check out her dope web series, "Whatever Linda", btw).

Thanks to Bob Gundu for blessing us with his talent one more time and a huge thanks goes out to the entire crew!


Andy McQueen
Hannah Cheesman

Based on a character created by: Andy McQueen

Written by: Ryan Spencer

Produced by:
Brendan Brady
Luke Black

Director of Photography:
Bob Gundu

Edited by: Alex Brueckner

Original Score by: Liam Titcomb

Sound Design by: Reza Dahya

RT: 5:48