Short Film

Love this little film. My second. This one came together in a bit of an unconventional way. Tika and I are friends and after watching her perform at a monolog slam I said, "Hey, we should do something." She had been doing her thing (and still does) in the TV / music / theater / promotions worlds but had never acted on film before. She was down.

We then paired up and tried to think of cool ideas for a short film but really came up with nothing! So I called Chris and asked him if he had any good ideas laying around and he said, "Check your e-mail. I sent you something a year ago." Lol.

Low and behold, "Five Dollars" was sitting there in my inbox. We checked it out and both loved it. After a humble and successful IndieGoGo campaign we cast the amazing young talent Lyric Justice and got right down to production.

The shoot was two days in a friend's house and a half-day on the streets of Mississauga for the car scene. Working with Lyric was the did slow things down quite a bit and presented me with a lot of continuity issues in post. That extra half-day was never part of the plan for example. He was only 5 years old at the time so I definitely learned a lot about working with kids on this one. My favourite part...? SUPERMAN JUMPS in between takes! Lol.

What can I say? He stole the show:).

"Five Dollars" debuted at TIFF Kids in Toronto and was licensed by the CBC for their "Canadian Reflections" TV program.

TIFF Kids International Film Festival - Toronto, ON
HollyShorts - Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Black Film Festival - Hollywood, CA
African Diaspora International Film Festival - New York, NY
Toronto Independent Short Film Festival - Toronto, ON
Hamilton International Film Festival - Hamilton, NY
WildSound Film Festival - Toronto, ON
Bahamas International Film Festival - Nassau, BS
San Diego Black Film Festival - San Diego, CA
No Time Left Festival - Paris, FR
Guelph Film Festival - Guelph, ON
American Online Film Festival
REEL Kids Film Festival - Peterborough, ON



Tika Simone
Lyric Justice

Written by: Chris Cromie

Produced by: Rinku DasGupta

Co-Produced by:
Anya McKenzie

Director of Photography:
James Hellyer

Edited by: Reza Dahya

Original Music by:
Owen "O'Sound" Lee

RT: 6:11