Scene (CFC "In Character" Exercise)

This is a scene we put together as part of The Directors' Lab at the Canadian Film Centre. It was an exercise called "In Character" where the writers are given pictures of two actors they don't know as well as a location and are asked to write a scene. Each scene then gets directed by two different directors so we can compare and contrast the interpretation of the writing and the choices made in production. We didn't know which writer wrote which script until the screening / debrief. It was a GREAT exercise.

This was a one day shoot and was shot on the HVX-200. The camera is a bit outdated, yes, but in the context of an "exercise" it definitely gets the job done efficiently.

I have to admit, I came into this shoot feeling a bit un-prepared but was organized enough to get the ball rolling with the team. Then after some great collaboration with James and our 1st AD, Josh Ary, we banged out the rest. The crew was on-point as per usual and we got a lot done in one day. Once again, Cara and Andy killed it.. 


Cara Ricketts
Andy McQueen

Written by: MOTION

Director of Photography:
James Hellyer

Edited by: Rich Williamson

RT: 4:17