Short Film (CFC "Story" Exercise)

PASSWORD: freecharlie

This is a short film exercise that we completed as part of our time at the Canadian Film Centre. CFC calls it the "Story" exercise and it's a beautiful thing because it's the only time a producer, writer, director and editor from the program all come together for one project. The ideas and teams are generated through a democratic process and I'm REALLY happy to have landed this idea and team. Never thought I'd make a film about this topic but as I got closer to it I realized that it's a story of acceptance that all marginalized people can relate to. I think we killed it.

This was a two day shoot with a very limited budget (basically, just enough for the location and to feed the crew). The homeowner was so generous to let us use his house and the cast and crew were all amazing so THANK YOU all. I have to send a special shout-out to Kat (Producer) who despite the production challenges ran the most amazing ship and really allowed us to focus on the shoot. The editing process was also very smooth and enlightening actually. Definitely learned a lot doing this one. Getting it all shot in two days was pretty insane but it helped that we were organized, were in one location and that the house had an elevator, ha! Was great working with Kevin Wong for the first time as well. He's the man.

Unfortunately, because it was an "exercise" we can't officially release the film or even send it out to film festivals but it can live online behind this private Vimeo link. And just because I'm anal about this stuff you just need to know that the audio mix is rough and this version is not colour corrected.

Ok! Password is above so please enjoy! 



Breanna D'Aguanno
Vladimir Jon Cubrt
Elizabeth Whitmere
Ronan Reese

Written by: Joel Thomas Hynes

Produced by: Kat Hidalgo

Director of Photography:
Kevin C.W. Wong

Edited by: John Nicholls

Original Score by:
Dillon Baldassero

Original Song by: Laura Barrett

RT: 13:18