Teaser (TV Writers' Showcase)

"The TV Teasers are one- to three-minute promotional pieces featuring original series concepts that our TV writers developed at the CFC."

This is Jason Whiting's baby. As part of the TV Writers' program at the CFC one of the things they have to do is develop an idea for an original TV show. The resulting teasers are half-day shoots and the CFC produces like 10 of them in a week or something crazy like that, lol.

Speaking of which...Man, I was so happy to get on board with this production. It was a last minute thing as the original director who was slated to do it dropped out. Although I'm focusing on Dramas at the moment for my own projects, I've always loved Sci-Fi so it was really cool to experiment and see if I could pull off a small piece in a totally different genre. I think we did a pretty good job!

A few memorable things happened on this one for me: I got to work with my dude James Hellyer (the DP that I basically started everything with). He killed it. I got to work with the extremely talented Emily Piggford. She killed it. I got to work with the one-take-wonder composer, Ben Fox. He killed it. And I got to do my first-ever SFX shot thanks to the amazing Stephen Curran. He killed it. Oh! And I worked with a stunt coordinator for the first time and learned how to choke someone with a necklace on camera. She killed it (no pun intended).

They basically did all the hard work while Jason and I just sat back and watched.

Shouts to the crew who came out and volunteered their time and talent and good luck Jason...hopefully this'll make it to the small screen one day!


Emily Piggford
Elias Scoufaras

Concept by / Written by:
Jason Whiting

Produced by:
Courteney Bainbridge
William Woods

Director of Photography:
James Hellyer

Edited by: Maureen Grant

Original Score by: Ben Fox

Sound Design by:
Ben Fox & Reza Dahya

Visual FX by: Stephen Curran

RT: 4:02