Music Video

My first music video! This one was special to me not only because it was my first but also because of the project that the song is from, Keyz of Life. Keyz of Life is an album that producer Andrew "Burd" Liburd and I put together in memory of the "Keyz" from Burd & Keyz, Anthony "Durty Keyz" James (RIP). The whole city came through to support the project and this was one of the videos we released as part of the push.

We shot this in two days. One loooong day at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel and one day in one of the TV studios at Ryerson University. This was another one where there was no official budget so we were relying on favours and planning shoots based around peoples' availability. I do remember having to catch a flight to Vancouver the day of the studio shoot so it was kinda hectic that way too! Thankfully we just barely pulled that day off because I don't know if we would of had another stab at it.


Burd & Keyz feat. Luu Breeze,
A-Game & Jahron B.

Khalid Klein
Kyana Brannigan

Produced by:
Reza Dahya
Rinku DasGupta

Director of Photography:
James Hellyer

Edited by: Reza Dahya

RT: 6:50